Advanced Biofuels: Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF)

SAF is a jet fuel substitute produced from sustainable feedstock for the purpose of reducing lifecycle GHG emissions. It can be safely blended with conventional jet fuel. SAF can be produced by processing and upgrading HVO through isomerisation.

SAF is taken by the global aviation industry as the key to achieving breakthroughs in carbon emission reduction. It can reduce carbon emissions by an estimated 75-90%, depending on the feedstock composition.

World’s First ISCC-CORSIA Plus SAF Processing Facility

EcoCeres’ Jiangsu facility is the world’s first ISCC-CORSIA Plus approved SAF processing facility which fulfils all ISCC sustainability requirements of ecological and social criteria.

SAF as a Key Solution for Decarbonising Air Transport

In order to meet the EU’s climate objectives, it is expected that by 2050 at least 70% of all aviation fuel used for flights departing from EU airports will be SAF, underscoring increased demand and huge growth potential for the product.

Six ISCC Principles of Ecological and Social Criteria